Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christmas Past

Merry Christmas Y'All!

Hi Everyone! Mother Bear here! It has been forever since
I last posted. I've repented and put on all the things I
have been doing for the past couple of months.
As you probably know, sewing and doing embroidery
designs is my passion right now.
I've fallen in love with putting mylar under my designs.
I love the shine & class it gives them.
I have so many things I want to do, but not enough
time to do them.
Alas, I'm just like every one else!
I have the bad habit of getting my inspirations at the
very last minute. I really need to find a solution to
this problem, but how do you make your inspirations
come when you want them?
I apologize that I am terrible at putting these posts on!
It is a huge lesson in frustration, so thanks for
putting up with pictures and text in crazy places!
This first towel was at the bottom, but something
happened, & it was gone, so here it is again!!
I need to sit beside my Cali gals and have them show
me how to do it. There's got to be an easier way!
I hope you enjoy the fun I've been having!

I love the Boo Boo Cuddly Bear. The
is just the right size for little ones
to cuddle when they have a 'boo-boo!'
It's made out of Minkie, as is the
bear on the bib. The burp cloth is just a
small one that could be used for a doll.

Thoroughly enjoyed making these Embossed Towels.

There are 12 different designs.
Santa, Moose, Boy Elf, Girl Elf,
Deer, Penguin, Gingerbread
Person, Bear, Girl Angel, Boy
Angel, Baby Girl Snowman,
Boy Snowman.


Have a favorite color? Easy to please!

If you look really close, you can see how shiny the mylar makes these cute
Christmas Ornaments. I made one for every member of the family and gave them at
the family party. (Sent the ones to Cali, Montana, New Jersey, Arkansas).
With nine children, spouses, and
21 grandchildren, I need to get my
inspiration a lot earlier.

I love having towels to match the season. Now if I would keep
some for myself, all would be wonderful. I love
giving them away!

Wish you could see how shiny
and cute
mylar makes this bear!

I Love Mylar!

If you can't see it well, the Minkie on
the back side says, 'Baby Boy' all the
way down it. This is just a small
'Cuddle Cloth' that young children just love to hold and feel.

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful new year.
My family & I have been very blessed and know
where these blessings come from.
Our Mother/Daughter retreat is in a month, so hope
that inspirations come fast & furious!
'Til next week! Hope you have a great one!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{t-shirt ruffle skirt}

Do you have a littel girl who loves to wear skirts?
Do have some old t-shirts just lying around?
If so, then you have got to make these cute t-shrit ruffle skirts.

It's really easy and goes together pretty fast. 
I found a great tutorial on Pinterest from Sew Much Ado 

I've got a few more shirts I need to cut up to make some more skirts for my girls 
I love when I can just recycle things and make something new 
out of something I might would have given away 
Thanks For Stopping By

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{birthday shirt}

I was asked to make this cute little shirt for my nephew who will be turning two this week
This is such a cute and fun shirt for any kid to wear at any age and guess what??


Even if you are a beginner sewer you can do this...I promise
Want to make one? Here is what you'll need:

scrap fabric for number
paper or card stock
fusible webbing (Ashley from Make It and Love It has beautifully explained what it is HERE)
sewing machine

Here's what to do:

1. Print out from your computer or free hand draw the number that you want to use. Make sure it's the right size to fit your shirt. I like to use card stock because it's a little thicker.

2. Cut out the number.

3. Trace the number BACKWARDS (very important...if you don't do this then your number
will end up being backwards on your shirt) onto the paper part of the fusible
webbing that you are using. I prefer to use either Wonder Under or Lite Heat n Bond.

4. Iron the number onto the WRONG side of the fabric.

5. Cut out number again but this time it will have the fabric attached

6. Peel off the back of the fusible webbing (the paper),
position it on your shirt and iron it down

7. Stitch down. I stitched this as close to edge as possible...probably about 1/8 inch stitch.
I just eyeballed it

8. Now you are all done!!!

Now that wasn't that hard was it?


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