Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Scripture Water Party

With summer finally dwindling down and things aren't so crazy around here for me I thought I get back on's about time.

I am in the Primary Presidency in our ward. We have a very small Primary and when I say small I mean that we only have about 26 kids on our list and only about 10-12 actually come to church on a regular basis. Having such few kids is really not all that bad....makes sharing times way easy especially since the majority of them are under the age of 8.

Our kids have been working really hard on bringing their scriptures to church with them each week. They have been filling a jar with beads to show their progress. We decided to reward them since it's about half way through the year and the jar is about half full. This past weekend we had a "Summer Scripture Water Party".

Here's what we did........

We had three game stations set up and since we only had 10 kids show up we just all rotated together but if you have lots of kids you could very well split them up into groups and rotate.

Station 1 "Noah's Ark"
The story of Noah's Ark was briefly told and followed by a relay race. We split the kids into two groups. They then had to take a cup and scoop up one animal from the bucket and race it over to the "Ark" dump it in and then run back and hand off the cup to the next player who then scooped up another animal and raced to the "Ark". First team to get all their animals into the ark won.

Station 2 "2000 Stripling Warriors"
The story of the 2000 Stripling Warriors from the Book of Mormon was briefly told by one of our teachers and then it was followed by a tough of war. We spilt the kids into two groups and had a little kiddie pool in the middle. They showed off their "GREAT STRENGTH" as they tried to pull the other team into the pool.

Station 3 "Nephi Built a Boat"
The story of Nephi and how he built a boat for his family to sail to promised land was told by one of our great teachers. We then had the kids make their own boats out of Styrofoam, straws, & paper sails. (Sorry no pictures....I forgot my camera) The kids colored their sails and then with adult help we attached them with straws to the Styrofoam. After they were done we had some boat races. The kids seemed to really enjoy this. We learned though that if we to do this again he sails need to be made out of foam or laminated some how cause the kids kept cap-sizing them.

After the stories and games were all played we then had Popsicles followed by a water balloon fight. Over all the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and for us adults it was simple and easy!!!!


Juli said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I can't believe your ward only has 26 kids! Crazy!

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