Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Decorating for Halloween

Hello there!!
Ok, so I know I already did a post about Halloween, but I'm having such a hard time deciding how to decorate this year!  So I need your help.  How are you decorating for Halloween?  Do you have any fun ideas for me?  Please please please comment and help me make up my mind!

So my first problem is my door/patio.  The last couple years I've done the same thing.  I stretch cobwebs all across the entryway and put spiders on it.  I have an ugly witch that I got from dollar tree that I hang on my door, and that's about it.  
Here's a way cuter version of what I normally do
I really like the fun, spooky feel it gives to my house, but maybe I should go with something cuter/classier?
Like this...