Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Gift Basket

Hello there and Happy Tuesday!  Did you enjoy your Labor Day?!  I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and it was Fabulous!!  

So, if you've read this blog at all, you know I love making hair clips.  I get excited anytime I learn a friend is having a girl, and I start planning what I'm going to make.  Last month my managers wife had her first beautiful baby girl, so all of my fellow employees and I got together to make a fun basket for her.  I had so much fun with this one!  We each bought a couple of outfits, and then it was up to me to make matching hair clips!  YAHOO!!  My favorite part!  You want to see how the basket turned out?!  Of course you do! 
So fun, right?!!
Do you want to see how I did it?!
First of all, look at these adorable receiving blanket cupcakes!
I found the idea for these over at Cute As a Fox .  She has a great tutorial on how to make them, so go check it out!  I made four of them, since the pack of receiving blankets I bought had four in it.  Here's where I placed them
 The one on the top in the middle was made with cute little ruffle socks in the middle that I found at dollar tree.  Instead of rolling the sock in the middle like the tutorial said, I just bunched the socks together so the ruffles were on the top.  Then I just rolled the receiving blanket around them.  I love the look of that one!

Did you see the cute little candies wrapped in cellophane?  I found that idea at the same website, Cute As a Fox.  These are made with baby washcloths!

I thought the candy rolls added some fun to the basket!

I bought a couple toys since this is their first girl.  I found the bear at Dollar Tree, cut off the cheap ribbon it came with, and glued on a nice big pink bow that made it look so much cuter.
To finish off the basket, I HAD to make matching clips for each of the outfits.  Some of the outfits were onesies or pajamas, but I made a clip for each one, knowing she can use them for other outfits.  I used the same technique that I used when I made THIS basket for my friend.  On the bottom I put a layer of diapers, folded in half, as a kind of filler.  And really, what mom couldn't use more diapers, right?!  Then I took each of the outfits, rolled them, and put a headband around them.  Since we had so many outfits I wasn't able to do headbands on all of them.  So for the rest I just used some cheap pearl ribbon/string that I had in my craft stash.  This made it so I could clip each of the hair clips on the front of the outfit.  Here are some of the hair clips I made

Ok, have I said that I love making hair clips?! Yes? Maybe once or twice!?  Well, I love it!  I didn't take a picture of the pink burned silk flower, because I showed it HERE.  I also learned how to make a new kind of felt flower(the one pictured on the polka dot outfit in the middle) so I'll show you how to make those next week! :)  Are you sick of hair clips yet!?!  Sorry if you are!  I'm sure the obsession will pass sooner or later!

So how do you think it turned out?!  
Thanks for reading!!

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Jared Buchanan said...

Amazing Juli. Miss you guys!!

LovemySi said...

Hey, any ideas for a boy...I don't think the hairbows would work lol. You are so dang crafty Juli!

The Outlaw Mom said...

The wrapped "candies" are such an excellent idea! I wish I had seen this before the baby shower we hosted last weekend - it was a Sugar & Spice theme at a candy store - would have been perfect! Hope I get to host another one soon (with the same theme!). Thanks for sharing :-)

homemade baby gifts said...

Oh my gosh, these are too darn cute.

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