Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anniversary Ideas

Tomorrow marks 12 years of happiness with my husband, Kent!
Yahoo!It is a running joke between us that it's the best years of our lives.
To be truthful, though, it is! As much as it's not all butterflies and flowers
in our marriage, I feel we are a pretty good match.
I love being married to my best friend!

So I thought I would stick with the anniversary theme and share some creative ideas of things you could do for the love of your life. I have not done all of these, but loved the thought though.

*Love coupons- These are great if you don't have a lot of money.
*CD full of their favorite songs or a couples play list.
*Surprise Getaway- Who doesn't want to be whisked off to some secret location, even if it's your quiet home with no children!
*Send them on a scavenger hunt! Possibly to places where you went while dating.
*Hide a small present, than give them clues on where to find it.
*Hide notes all over the house for them to find during the day. Each note telling them something you love about them.
*Breakfast in bed. Yummy! Especially if the kids aren't around!
*Write a poem or song.
*Create a scrapbook of your courtship or pictures of you dating along with letters you wrote to each other.
*Chalk Drawing- While they are at work, use chalk to write them a message.
*Share your journal entries from when you were dating.
*Bake a large cookie and write a message on it.
*Use post it notes to write love notes all around the house.
*Make a DVD collage of pictures, songs and videos.
*Kidnap your spouse and take them on a picnic. We love going down to the river.
*Take a class together. Our joke was that we have a pretty good marriage except our communication skills. (Isn't he suppose to read my thoughts?!) So we took an adult communication class through our school district. It was mostly about how to communicate when you're mad, which we really don't need. It was fun trying something new together though!
And lastly.
*12 months of dates. I did this last year for Valentine's Day and I know both of us loved it. It also gets you out of the same old dates. I LOVE this idea!

Hope that some or all of these ideas will help you in celebrating a special time in your life.
I am so happy to have such an awesome guy as my husband and that he loves me so much.
Happy 12th Anniversary Kent!



Kent said...

Whoo hoo! Now I have ideas what to do tomorrow!

Juli said...

12 years already? Happy Anniversary! Love the ideas!

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