Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{Re-Purposing Baby Headbands}

(Sorry here's another hair bow post...hope you are not sick of them yet)

My Mother in Law, Barbara (aka Mother Hen) gave these cute little headbands to me when had our baby girl 7 months ago. Needless to say she has grown since then. Not only has she put on a few pounds, her head has gotten ginormous. These cute little headbands just don't fit anymore. I love the cute little bows on them (since I am NOT GOOD at making bows of my own I really like pre-made bows) and just didn't want to get rid of them so I got to thinking how I could still use them. So being some what crafty I decided to cut the bows off and make clips out of them.
I just covered those little sliver alligator clips with ribbon and then glued on the bow.
So easy and simple and now I have new hair clips that can be attached to other head bands that actually fit my baby's head or I can use them in 3 year old's hair.

There you have it cute little bows

I just had a little box that I kept all my girl's hair stuff in and it was getting a little full. I have always wanted to make a hair bow holder so I thought now is a good time. I headed to my local thrift store and found an inexpensive big frame ($3 to be exact). I also headed to Wal-Mart to pick up some spray paint to re-paint the ugly colored frame. So my ugly frame became this with a little bit of sanding, painting, gluing, fabric, & ribbon.

I thought it turned out pretty cute....what do ya think? I wanted it be girly but still a little neutral (that's why the frame is painted brown) because it is hanging in our bathroom and I didn't want too much girly-ness to take over for the sake of the boys in our family.
And sorry there are no before or during pictures....I forgot!!!

Well there you have it!!!


CraftyCupcake13 said...

Hi Heather! I'm visiting from "Eisy Morgan's" Linky Party - I love this idea, my daughter is going to be 5 months and she will need some hair bows when she's older too.. I'm totally going to use your trick thanks for sharing!! You can find me over on my blog:

Moquelish said...

Cute idea! I have done that too with some of my little baby bows. They are too cute not to use again. Thanks for sharing.

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Great idea to repurpose those adorable headbands!

Christy said...

I am fairly hair bow crafty and it is so much fun. I have several ribbon's used for holding the hair bows and I have put little foam animals at the top to make them look cute while they are hanging but I LOVE the idea of putting the ribbons on a frame. It makes them a little more organized. Very cute. You can also use knee high nylons to make headbands. They are a little more stretchy and so they last a little longer!!

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