Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{the fun sprinkler}

I found THIS IDEA while I wasting time on-line browsing through different blogs.
As soon as I saw it I knew we needed one at our house this summer.

If you wanna make one too here's what we used:

3- 5ft PVC piping pieces (we used 1/2" wide pipes)
4 - 15" PVC piping pieces (we used 3/4" wide pipes)
**to get these 4 smaller pieces we had to cut them ourselves with a saw**
3 end caps
1 hose connector
2 T-connectors
2 - 90 degree elbow joints

a drill & drill bits
(whatever size you want to use...we used 2 different sizes)
a saw
tape measure
pen for marking
PVC cement

What to do now........
assemble to it looks like this
(sorry I don't have step by step instructions or pictures but hopefully looking at the picture will give you an idea of how to put it's actually very simple)

a few tips:
when working with the PVC cement you will need to have everything
ready in place cause the glue dries pretty quick

it's nice to have 2 people putting it together....
one to hole the pieces while the other is putting on the connector pieces

make sure you drill your holes before connecting it to the side pieces

after it's all assembled let it dry for at least an hour and then have some FUN
here's what my kids did......

they also rode their bikes and scooters through and pretended it was a car wash
it was a HIT with the neighbor kids & I am pretty sure it
will be out getting used almost everyday

Even Dad got in on the action!!!
(this is great man that put this together.....he's awesome!!!!))

This was a great way to start out our summer fun!!!


Jessica said...

That is super awesome! I think I need one now!

Bella @ Bella before and after said...

GREAT idea, I've seen this too, and it really does look like too much fun.

I should give it a try too, my kids will love me forever, he he.

Oh and I couldn't resist, I am now following your blog, it's amazing already, and with Mother Hen running things, I'm sure there will be TONS of awesomeness to come.

Thanks ladies for sharing your talents with us.

Hugs, Bella :)

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