Monday, July 25, 2011

Town Games

We live in a super small town (like 300 people) and my husband is on the town board, so that makes us in charge of the annual Pioneer Days kids games. It is a free carnival that the town puts on every year.  We have little kid races and it is quite the event.
  We needed new games made this year so with the help of my builder husband, we got the job done.

1st game, the Darts:  The old one was a piece of  wood, that you couldn't even stick the pins in.  So when we went to buy actual cork, they didn't have any.  We decided that sound barrier would do the trick and it was great for this year (I think I will still try to find some cork , the dart board took a lot of damage).  It was fun to paint, but then I noticed that it was scratching off of the shiny surface too easy, so I mod podged it.  And I duct taped the edges to keep them from getting damaged too.

 My two little boys helped paint on the stars with the round sponge paint brushes, they had a blast.
Here it is with the balloons.
 2nd game, the Ring Toss: We didn't have one, we had a stupid sucker pull, so I got rid of that and replaced it with a good old fashion Ring Toss.  I couldn't find any to buy so I made my rings out of water pipe and duct tape.  They worked great!
 The actual board was a peg board we bought for $3 and the pegs are from a display for some custom draws, that they gave us for free!  We glued them in and Walaa.

3rd game, Spill the milk:  Or if you forget and rename it (like me) Milk Bottle Knock Out.  Some boys get a little too rambunctious while playing this game and we needed something sturdy to handle it.  So my hubby built this wonderful stand and I painted it.

4th game, the Fish Pond:  The old one was the heaviest three pieces of wood they could find, I'm sure.  Everyone thought it was going to fall on a child and kill them, so we needed to remedy the problem.  I bought 5 yrds of fishy fabric, cut it in half and sewed it together to be wider and then sewed a loop in the top and sides, to fit the pvc frame.  Now we have the lightest fish pond that kept trying to fly away in the wind.

 5th game, the Bean Bag Toss:  I am super proud of this one because I cut out the holes all by myself!  Then I painted a garden, I'm not a great artist but I think it turned out pretty good.  I had to get some help for the bottom blue flower and the purple rose, because the rest had taken me hours and my creative juices were failing me so I am glad a friend came to help.    "sorry picture unavailable at the moment"

6th game, the Duck Pond:  This game replaced the saw dust game, where they search in the saw dust for a prize, I never quite figured out if I should hide small prizes or if I should hide different balls and they correspond with a prize, or what, so I replaced it with the Duck Pond.  I didn't get a picture of ours, but it looked a little like this, with a blue pool and 4 dozen ducks.  I just used a sharpie to draw a circle or a star for different prizes.

Last Game, The Ping Pong Pond:  Of course I didn't get a picture of this either, but you get the point with this picture.  Ours just has a few more and a blue pool.

It turned out to be a great day and I am definitely glad it is over!  I plan for 100 kids (so 700 prizes) and we usually have left over prizes, but this year we ran out.  Luckily no one got mad. (hey no one can complain with Free)



Juli said...

Wow Jess! That looks like a ton of work, but you did amazing!! You did an awesome job painting the bean bag toss board! I love them all!

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