Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ribbon Organizing

I've been a little obsessed with trying to clean out and organize my house. We live in a small townhouse and with 3 little ones needless to say we are running out of room to live. We are not in a position to move (darn it) so I've just decided instead of living in the crowded-ness (is that a real word) I'd try to make it better. When I took my Christmas tree down that just created this need in me to clean and organize out my house.Slowly I am getting things in order and so far I've taken quite a few trips to the good will.

All my crafting stuff was in the garage cause there was no where else to put it. It was driving me crazy having to go out and sort through the garage to find all the stuff I needed to sew or craft so I decided to clean out my downstairs hall closet and turn that into my craft closet. It's a pretty big closet under our stairs so it's not only my craft closet but also the coat closet, the diaper closet, the library closet, & occasionally serves as a hideout for my 2 older kids when they are playing spies.

My craft stuff was pretty disorgainzed. I mean just look at this ribbon box

What a mess!!!!

I had seen different ways to organize your ribbons on PINTEREST  like THIS
 I really liked this idea but I didn't want to spend money on a container like that so 
I looked around and found some cardboard that we has stored in the garage and decided to do this 
Look at that all nice and neat!!!
Now there is more room in the box to add more ribbon...haha

What I did was just measured my box and then cut pieces of cardboard to match the size.
I then sat while watching Season 1 of "Downton Abbey" on Netflix 
(great should watch it if you haven't)
and wound all my ribbon on the cardboard and used little pins to secure the ribbon in place.

Super Simple and Super kind of project 

How have you organized your crafts? 
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The Quilt Ladies said...

Don't you feel better, nothing makes me happier than neat !

Jessica said...

Totally awesome. I like your way better anyway.

Maria Matter said...

love this idea Heather!
I'll be featuring you this week @ Inspire Me Fridays!

Dawn said...

What a great organizing idea Heather! I so need to do this. TFS!

Andi said...

They are so pretty and organized! I've been searching everywhere for ideas on ribbon storage. I may give this a try! My craft room is a mess.


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