Friday, January 6, 2012

a simple thank-you

Have you ever wondered over to "I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar"?
If not, you really's GREAT and full of many wonderful idea.

Every Wednedsay is Wake-Up Wednesday and Cheri extends a good deed 
challenge out to all of her readers 

I decided that as part of some of my goals for the year it would be to participate in 
Wake-up Wednesday as often as possible and to try to include my hubby and kids as well

This week the challenge was to write thank-you notes.
We had a handful of people we could write thank-you notes to for all the many wonderful Christmas presents we just know grandma & grandpa's, aunts & uncles, & a few friends.

I did not have any thank-you cards on hand and didn't want to spend lots of
money on purchasing any either so I decided to make some and to persoanlize them as well.

So I printed out through Cost-co (love that place) some 4x6's of our most recent family picture and
double sided sticky tabbed (cause I using glue-sticks) them to cards that I just made out of white card stock that I had on hand. The cards are just a regular size sheet of card stock cut in half (hotdog fold style) and then folded each piece in half to create a card.

Look at that simple, easy, & cute personalized thank-you cards.
So for me to make 10 cards it only cost me $1.30 plus a little tax to make these cards 
since I already had card stock, envelopes, & double sided sticky tabs.

Can't beat that!!
So if you too need to send out thank-you's here is great way


Unknown said...

Great idea! Personal and frugal at the same time! Would you share here?

Lyndsay said...

Clever and simple. Great job.

iammommahearmeroar said...

Great idea and thanks for the shout out, too. You are so sweet!



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