Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Calendars

Hello!!!  I am Jess (the cards sister).  I love cards, and cards, and cards.  So if Monday becomes card day be warned.   I needed a gift for my parents for Christmas so I made these...  They are calendars made of envelopes so that you can keep all your cards in there for the month.  It is a cute thing to hang on the wall and a great organizer too. 

Here you can see the back of the calendar/envelope, opens up to place the cards for each month.

They are folders I bought at Xpedex, they are about 12''x9''.  Then I had them bound at the local copy center for $2 a calendar.
With the frames I cut them to fit a cut down 4x6 or a 3 1/2x 5.  I had so much fun picking the paper out for each month.  But I made them so that you could change out the picture when the years go by.  So only glue on 3 sides.
The month names I stamped and then did color copies at the copy center (because I had to make 12 and I didn't think I could make 12 look that great.)  If you are just making your own, I would just stamp directly on the envelope.  Or if you have a cricut do it that way.
You can't print on envelopes very easy so I just made a paper of the dates and pasted them to the envelope.
So that is my project for keeping your birthday cards, ready and organized for each month.  I hope you enjoyed!


gnomeswife77 said...

Awesome Jess! Very cute!

heather b. said...

cute jess....where's mine? lol


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