Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ribbon Baby Quilt

here is a cute and pretty easy baby quilt. my amazing quilting friend made one and after i saw how cute it was i had to make one too. she got the idea from watching an episode of Fons & Porter on KBYU. i have searched the site to find instructions but have not been successful.

here is quick run down of what i did....

*the squares big squares are 8 1/2 inches and the smaller squares are 4 1/2 inches

*sew 4 smaller squares together to make a big square

*lay alternating squares on top of each other wrong sides together. by doing thins one side will have the seams facing outward.

*to cover those seams up top stitch ribbon down (i used 1 inch ribbon). i sewed the seams that are vertically first then horizontally.

*bind it how ever you would like

it really is pretty simple and goes pretty fast once you know what you are doing. i have a few friends having babies in the next few months so guess what they are getting!!!!


Barbara M. said...

You do such an awesome job at everything you do. This is really a cute idea! Can't wait for next week. I'm also envious at how well you blog. I need lessons!

Amy MoMomma said...

Oh! I totally saw that episode too! I'm new to quilting, this turned out great! Nice job.


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