Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shamrock Rag Wreath

I know it's getting close to St. Patrick's Day, but I saw a wreath over at The Magic of Ordinary Things and wanted to make it.

I started with a wreath from The Dollar Store. Can't beat the price.

I had picked up 1/4 yard of six different coordinating fabrics. Most of the fabric was on sale at JoAnn's, so I spent less than $5.00.
I took the fabric and ripped it into 1"-2" strips, than cut it into 10-12 strips. I like the varied in length and width. Here is all the strips of fabric.

Than you just start tying them around the wreath in what ever order you want.
I found that sometimes you need to push the material around so the wreath doesn't show.
I was going to hand the wreath on the door like that with a little bit of ribbon, but it wasn't screaming St. Patrick's Day. That's when I got the idea to have a shamrock in the middle. I had a stencil for a heart and used three of the hearts to make the shamrock. I painted it and than taped some ribbon on the back like this.

And yes that is a mess of glitter. I tried to make it a little more blingy, but it looked BAD!
I think the shamrock in the middle screams St. Patrick's Day (okay maybe not screams), but I think it makes it look cuter.
What are your plans for St. Patrick's Day?

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Juli said...

It turned out so cute!! Love it!

Jessica said...

Super cute and cheap(my favorite things!)

heather b. said...

cute!! i should make one but maybe for next year.


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