Monday, March 28, 2011

Pop can Flowers

A friend of mine ( started making these and I thought I would try my hand at them as well, while taking photos through the process.

This is what I started with. As you can see I added a Pepsi can later on.

I removed the top and bottoms and cut the can so it was a metal sheet.
It got easier the more cans I did.

I liked keeping the nutritional part for a cute white and black flower too.
Also this is two cans of Diet Dr. Thunder and Coke, not cut in half.

And it made all these. I used my Sizzix Big Shot and dies to cut out the shapes. I also used my paper punches too. Whatever you use should be fine, maybe a cricket can cut metal too, I don't know for sure. I needed a Pepsi can at this point because I couldn't do stars with out Red, White, and BLUE!!!

Then I just put them together using scrapbooking brads and Whalaa!

Note the cute black and white one from the nutritional content.

I also turned some upside down to add the silver instead of the color to the flower.

So my friend is making them as Hair Bows or you can add them to a cute craft, whatever you want. And it only cost me $.62 because I had to have a Blue can. All the other stuff I had so...Hope you Enjoy!



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