Thursday, March 17, 2011

Epic Fail!!

Hello there!! Happy St Patricks Day!!!

Have you ever done a craft that just didn't turn out like you'd planned?
Maybe you had the best of intentions, but they went HORRIBLY wrong?!!
Although it might be a bit embarrassing, I'm going to share with you a project that I've been working on for the last couple weeks that turned out ALL WRONG!!

One of my goals for this year is to make a wreath for every holiday, so I had this great idea for a St Patricks Day wreath. Have you seen the rosette balls that are all over blogland? House of Smiths (yet another of my favorite blogs) has a great tutorial if you're interested! They're made with crepe paper, and they're adorable! So I was looking through my stash of crepe paper, and realized I had a roll of green. I had this great idea to make a St Patricks Day wreath with green rosettes. I even decided to cut my wreath out of cardboard so I could make the wreath for free!! What a great idea, right??....not so much!

So this is what I started with. (the bowl of ice cream is optional! :) ) I spent hours doing the rosettes, and finally got to this

This is when I ran out of crepe paper. So the next day I went and got some from the dollar store. The only problem was it was a totally different green! So I started thinking of other ways I could finish this wreath. I finally decided that I would make a rainbow on the top of the wreath. But I was doing this wreath 'on the cheap' and I didn't want to buy rolls of crepe paper in every color. So, being the genius that I am, I decided to do the rainbow in white, and paint them the colors of the rainbow. This is when the project went horribly wrong! I was already frustrated that I had spent so much time on the green rosettes, but I had no idea how long it would take me to do the white rosettes!! Ughhh.

So, hours and hours later, here's what I had. I didn't like it, but I'd spent so much time on it, that I was determined to make it work!

So while trying to figure out how to finish it, guess what I found?? Another roll of green that matched my green rosettes. Perfect timing. So I figured I'd go all out....
Are you ready for this awesomeness?? :)

Great, eh?? I know, you're stunned with it's beauty, right?? Ughhh. Definitely an epic fail!!
But that darn wreath will remain on my door until I make an Easter wreath, because I'm just that stubborn!! I spent so much time on the stinkin' wreath, and every time I walk through my door I'll remember never to do it again!! Oh well, lesson learned. Learn from my mistakes!

Did you see Jacki's awesome St Pattys Wreath?
You should stick with that one!

Thanks for reading!!


gnomeswife77 said...

Jules, I think it turned out cute. I love the ruffle around it and the words in the middle. Glad I'm not the only stubborn one! :)

heather b. said...

it turned out cute. i have tried making those rosettes before and they just don't turn out good for me but yours look FABULOUS!!!!

Barbara M. said...

Juli---you seriously amaze me!!! I think it is just darling. I don't think you do anything half way. Wish I had some of your creativity!

Jessica said...

I do not think that Epic Fail should be one of our Labels. maybe not our favorite, but this is most definitely not an epic fail. You silly girl!


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