Friday, March 11, 2011

Just in time for Mother's Day!!


Here's a great gift for mother, grandmothers, etc. from a woman or a man!
The poem reads:

I feel so very fortunate
And I know that it is true
I would not be the woman (man) I am
If it were not for you.

So if upon this Mother's Day
You shed a happy tear
Just save it in this handkerchief
And know I hold you dear.
Mother's Day

I got a 'Bernina 830' in December and LOVE IT!!!
I'll do custom embroidery & personalization.
This handkerchief can have the poem (in any color) or
an LDS Temple in white or a color.

We'll have a Paypal button soon so you can order merchandise.
The handkerchief will be $12 and includes a gift box & FREE shipping!
I love doing most crafts, but I'm so in love with my sewing machine
that my blogs for
a while,
will be things I am sewing - most of them things you can buy!

Here are a couple of the LDS Temples I've done.
Some on handkerchiefs, some as quilt
blocks, some as pictures,
and some as bookmarks.
I'd be glad to put Temples & Missions
on most anything.
Ideas of what you would like would be very welcome.

I will make LDS Temple bookmarks

Angel Moroni bookmarks with name & mission
(This has a Satin Stitch border)

(This has a candlewicking border)

And finally, here are two of the LDS Temples I have done
for either pictures or quilt blocks.

Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple

Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple

The bookmarks will be $5 each with whatever you want on it:
Name, Temple, Mission, Saying
The border around the bookmark can be Satin,
Candlewicking, Blackwork or Triple Stitch. I can also do a pattern run.
The picture or quilt block will be $15 each.
All I need for that is the name of the Temple and if there is a
specific color you want the Temple sewn in or color of background fabric.

Next week I will have a darling Mother's Day (or any occasion) apron.
I love it and hope you will too!
For now, this is Mother Hen (Barbara) saying:
Thanks for brightening our day - Have a great weekend!


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