Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Play Make-up

If you have a little girl like me then they probably have gotten into your make-up. My 3 year old has been known to come out of the bathroom with BRIGHT rosy cheeks and HUGE black streaks by her eyes. It's really hard to get too mad when she comes and says "Look Mom I look like a princess!"

I solved this problem by making her her own make-up.

I read on craft blog a good long while ago about how they made play make-up for their little princesses. I can't remember where I saw it to give them the credit but I did remember how they did it.

It is way EASY.......

all you need is empty make-up containers (brand new or you could just use your empty make-up containers) and nail polish.

**I got a new empty eye shadow container at Target for only $1 and nail polish for $1.

So to do this all you have to do is pour your desired color of nail polish into the EMPTY slots and let dry (for at least 24 hours) and VOILA there you have it.....Princess Play Make-up. You could also put a princess sticker on the front of the container to make it more Princess-like!!

My little girl has had soooo much with her new make-up. She hasn't once tried to get into mine now that she has her own & now we all get to wear her Princess Make-up daily, even Daddy!!!

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Jessica said...

That is a great idea!!!


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