Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Blankets

Baby Minkee Blankets
Hi Everyone! Mother Hen here to share some cute
ideas for 'Snuggle Blankies' to 'Quilts'.
As we speak, I am at a fair in Phoenix,
Arizona selling 'Texas Twister Drinks'
(Our other family business).
I've fallen in love with 'MINKEE' &
have had a great time doing applique
with it and making the 'Sunggle Blankies'!
When I started, I was going to make
a baby quilt with the designs, but
decided that lst I would make some cute
blankets to snuggle with.
I also was going to use cute woven fabric
around them, but love Minkee so much
I decided to use it for most of
the 'Blankie'.
Here are some of the designs I've
embroidered. After I get home from this fair,
I'll take pictures of the 'Blankies'!
Hope you enjoy these designs!

Minkee Turtle

Minkee Lamb

Minkee Zebra

Minkee Elephant

Minkee Butterfly

Minkee Whale

Minkee Duck

Minkee Lion

Minkee Frog

Minkee Giraffe

Minkee Bird
Next week, I'll show a few of these along with my
'Home Improvement' blog (if I can figure out one)!!
Have a great weekend!! Thanks for viewing
our blog and for your great comments.
See you next week!!


Juli said...

I'm so loving these Mama!! Soooo cute!! I might just have to put you to work on that sewing machine when you come to visit!! Love you!!

Tristan said...

Those are so cute Barbara! I hope that you are doing well. Keep me posted.


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