Friday, April 22, 2011



I wanted to just sew something cute
for my home improvement blog...
every time I tried to think of what
I wanted to do, my bathroom cupboard
kept haunting me.

Every time I opened the cupboard door,
I'd have to catch what fell out!
Especially the medicine cupboard on top.
I could block the mess out as long
as no one asked for anything!


Can you even make out what any of the stuff is
in the bottom?
I'm sure there must be some good things about
being a saver, but I'm having trouble
thinking of them!
I'm sure I have it...I just don't know where it is!

This is from 'just' the top cupboard!!!

How in the world did it all fit in there?

Another view!

How in the world could you
'NOT' find a Bandaid with this
many boxes up there!

I hate to say it, but, we always made fun of Grandmas
Buchanan, ,Uhlman, and Memmott
because everything in their house
was always 'OUTDATED'!
Have you ever heard the phrase 'what goes around,
comes around'?
That is the story of my life!
(Beware, children, what you say about me,
as it will come back to haunt you, too!!)

Outdated meds, etc.


Anybody need a bandaid?

Can't find a cough drop when you need it?
Now I can!

What ever will I do being able to find
all these ace bandages, and
gauze wraps?

These things were just too tall to fit in the drawers but
fit nicely in this organizing bin.
I know just where to put it.

No questions where things are now.
Each drawer is labeled for easy searching.

More tall bottles! Easy to see what's in here.

No more guess work here!

When my mother-in-law passed away, we got a lot
of her things. I'm not sure what she was going
to use 4 bags of cotton balls for, but they fit
nicely behind the bins with tall bottles.

Whoa!! What a difference!

Every thing is easily found and thus used!

As much as I would rather sew...this was very
We'd love to hear some of your ideas for
Home Improvement!
I just need to be able to twitch my nose and
have it ALL organized.
Thanks for reading and commenting.
We love it.
Have a great weekend!
Mother Hen - Barbara


Jessica said...

That looks amazing mom! Good job!

P.S. I have out dated stuff in my fridge and pantry too.

Juli said...

Good job Mama!!! I have quite a few cupboards that need that kind of tlc!! It looks awesome!

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