Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cleaning the Cupboards.

Yeah for Home Improvement Week.
Hope you have enjoyed coming into our homes this week.

When Jess suggested this week that we should do home improvement,
I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do.
Not because my house isn't in need of home improvement,
but because there are so many things that need to be improved!
I decided to start small ( a.k.a doesn't cost a lot of money)
by cleaning out my spice cabinet.
Here is a before:

As I was cleaning it out, I figured I had probably not cleaned it for...
at the least 6 years.
Yuck I know!
If you don't want to be my friend anymore, I'll understand!

I started by taking everything out. I threw away expired medicine, spices and
empty containers taking up space.
(Anyone else have this problem?)

I wiped down the cupboard and shelves, which were disgusting!

Earlier that day I had gone to Lowe's looking for organization items.
Wow, I could spend a lot of money and time on organizing if I had the means.
I don't so I ended up buying a two tiered spice rack for $5-7.

I was going to alphabetize all my spices, but they fit better on top of each other.
All the spices we use a lot, I stuck in front or on the sides.
I have holiday S&P shakers that fit perfectly under the tiers and
will be easy to pull out when needed.
I also had various surplus spices in baggies that fit perfectly under the tier as well.

Did you know it's cheaper to buy your spices in the bulk section at Winco? I just fill up my old container when needed!

The second shelf is where my large spice containers are as well as our vitamins. There wasn't much I could do with this shelf, but I did transfer some random jello to the pantry.

The third shelf stores all of our sprinkles, candles and children medicine.
This shelf was just crazy. I had 5 million different containers of sprinkles, candles and expired medicine. I consolidated all the sprinkles and candles into two margarine containers. I am planning on covering the containers with scrapbook paper and labeling them hopefully tomorrow.

The reason there were so many expired medicines was because I could never see what I had without getting a stool. I found this granola bar box that fits perfect and will hold all the medicine, so we just have to pull down the box for what we need.
It will also get prettyfied tomorrow.
(I know that's not a word!)

So here is the after picture:

Pretty good, huh?! Now on to the next cupboard!
Ha Ha. Maybe next week!
Hope you enjoyed my dirty -turned slightly better - spice cabinet.
Enjoy your Easter holiday this weekend.

-Jacki :)


Juli said...

Good job Jap! It looks great!! Now come to my house and work your magic!! :)

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