Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Princess Pamper Party!

This last weekend we celebrated my sweet daughters 4th birthday!
(my, how time has flown!)

She was very specific with what she wanted, which actually made things a bit easier! :) She wanted to paint nails, wear makeup, and dress up like a princess. So that's just what we did. When the girls arrived, I handed them each a purse that I made for them. Do you remember this post? Well, I made 7 more of those sweet little purses, and the girls loved them!! I gave the purses to them at the beginning, because as they went to each activity, they got something to put in their purse and take home with them.
For the first activity they had the choice to either make a necklace or color a princess picture. I was going to have them make princess crowns, but couldn't find any that were in my budget! They had fun making the necklaces, but I was grateful to have a few ladies there to help, since most of the girls needed help with this.

As they finished with their necklaces, we sent them to have their nails painted. Again, I was so thankful to have awesome friends and family to help out with this!! Once their nails were painted, they got to pick a bottle of their very own polish. I got these at e.l.f. Cosmetics for $.50 a piece. Not bad!! They also got a tube of lip gloss to put in their purses.

After this we let them get dressed up as princesses and played a few games.

For this one they passed the present around to music. When the music stopped, that person got to take off a layer of wrapping paper. Inside the box, Jacki made play makeup for each girl, inspired by Heathers awesome post here! So fun! The girls were excited to have something else to add to their purses!
And last it was time for lunch and cupcakes!
I decided to keep the pink and purple theme going with the food! We had strawberries, purple grapes, pink and purple jello in the shape of 4's, pink strawberry whoppers, purple licorice,pink and white frosted animal cookies, pb&j sandwiches in the shape of crowns, and pink lemonade to drink.

My daughter's favorite princess right now is Rapunzel, and she really wanted a Rapunzel cake. I finally found this tutorial over at Bakerella, and figured I could pull it off!

It didn't quite turn out like I'd expected, but Emily LOVED it! She was super excited! I decided to just make cupcakes for the girls to eat. I found the cute cupcake liners at Joanns for $3. I made the cupcake stand after seeing them all over blogland. I got the three plates and two candle holders from dollar tree. $5 for a gorgeous cupcake stand?? Who could resist!?
Here are the girls (minus 1) with their purses. At the end of the party, they all got bracelets and rings to put in their purses, princess fruit snacks, plus a Rapunzel party bag that Emily HAD to have!

Overall, the party went really well. It was a party that I would have loved when I was a little girl! I think maybe I'm reliving my childhood through my daughter!! :) Happy Birthday sweet Emily!!

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Jessica said...

Your cupcake stand and cake are amazing. You did great!

annies home said...

looks like an amazing party the cupcakes look great my little one we call princess as well so in time we will have a princess party as well

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Michelle Walkenhorst said...

Love the cake!! It's amazing!

Barbara M. said...

You are so creative! Wish I could have been there. Tell Emily, Jona, and Allie that I love them & will see them the end of this week!!!

heather b. said...

want to come out in august to put on a party for Maggie? lol

Bella @ Bella before and after said...

WOW Julie, Emily's party looks AMAZING, everyone has the biggest cutest smiles. I think you did well girl, really well. That cake is incredibly cute, like seriously, and those cupcake holders, YEAH score, for only 3 bucks, what a lovely addition to the wonderful cake.

I love how all the girls dressed like a princess, that is every girls dream come true, simply adorable.

I don't know how you found my new party,ULTIMATE PARTY PLANNING Link Party BUT I am SOOOO happy you did!! Thank you so much for the support, and I can't wait to see what you link up next week. Don't forget if you have something other than a party post, you can always link up to **AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After

Hugs, Bella :)

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