Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coupons, Bills, & Magazines.....OH MY


That's what I first thought cause I don't do major home improvements.
Actually the truth is that I'm not aloud to.
When I do I make things 10 X's worse.....seriously just ask my hubby

If it involves a hammer or screwdriver I just walk away and wait for the hubs to do it

My form of home improvements are cleaning and organizing


SOOOO do any of you have a place where you just throw your mail, school work, coupons, magazines, random papers, etc.?


and does it ever end up looking like this?

why do I let it get this way???? It really doesn't take much to keep it nice and organized

After cleaning it out it looks like this

looks so much better...all nice and organized
To help me keep it organized I've assigned each tray

TOP: Coupons & Bills
MIDDLE: School Work
BOTTOM: Magazines & Important Papers

**I love this paper tray organizer and you can find it at Ikea and it's inexpensive which is a bonus

1 comment:

Juli said...

Good job Heather! I need to do this with my bill I dread that!!


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