Thursday, April 7, 2011



I have 21 of the cutest grandchildren ever born and love making things for them.
Each one has received one of these personalized hooded towels.
I started by buying a bath towel and hand towel and have added a washcloth.
The bath and hand towel make the hooded towel and the washcloth is just an addition for the tub.

I started by folding the hand towel in half with the right sides together.
Sew from the fold to the end.
Spread seam open and stitch down to flatten the seam.
That makes it smooth against the child's head.

Turn the towel right side out and fold the front back so that whatever design
you choose will fit on one side of the face.
Open it up after marked and embroider the design or applique on one side
and spell out the child's name on the other side.
When you are done, fold it back over & stitch the edge down so
the fold stays there permanently.

When you finish, the hood should look like this
except it will have the design and name on the

Fold the bath towel in half and pin it at the middle.
Find the seam at the back of the hood and place it about 3 inches down from
the top of the middle of the towel.
Pin it the rest of the way to both sides of the front of the hood.
Make two seams to hold the hood on:
One at the top edge of the bath towel
and one about 1-2 inches down.
If you have any questions about the towel, just leave
a message on our email. (look in the store)

Suzi Zoo has always been a favorite of mine to put on the towels and blankets I've made for the grand-kids.

Some of the designs remind me of the children I am making it for.

You can personalize it even more by getting the child's
favorite color towelor favorite character or animal for the embroidery or applique.
You could even put the child's nickname.

This one really reminds me of my grandsons in Montana!
They have a sand box in the garage for winter and
the whole big yard of Montana wilderness the rest of the time!

These are a couple of the wash cloths I have made.
The kids love them and are a lot more accepting at bath time!
Hope you enjoy these and that it gives you some ideas of your own.

If you ever need embroidery done, contact me through our email address:
I'd love to help you out and have a great weekend.

I'd love to link up with several of you, but the girls will have to do that because
I don't have a clue how to do it!!

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Juli said...

I love these mom! My kids LOVE their towels, and I know they look forward to using them every time! Such a fun idea!!


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