Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring has Sprung

My post today is a collection of spring fun.
I saw these normal jars turned cuteness over at Eighteen25.
The only problem is keeping the candy in them for decoration.
Here's mine. One jar I found at Goodwill, another is a maraschino cherry jar
and the last is a jam jar. I found the candle sticks at the Dollar Tree and
just spray painted them white.
Not too hard, but super cute!

Here is what my holiday table looks like

I found two vases (if that's what their called) and filled them with grass and eggs. I found some little flowers and butterflies at Dollar Tree. They were on skewers, but I wanted to make them into garland. You can see I didn't get far with that idea. Maybe next year. I found a cute picture of my kiddos during Easter and then here is the link to my "Spring Sign".
I like having a holiday table and my house decorated. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something and helps me enjoy my house more.

We also did a little "Egging" this weekend. I found the idea at a few different places, but liked the poem over at Sun Scholars. I just went to Dollar Tree and bought eggs, baskets and candy. It only cost about $3.00 for each basket of eggs. The whole family had fun "Egging" some of our friends.

One more idea, which I have yet to do. I love My Mix of Six and this cute Hand print Chick. I am planning on doing this next week and am excited to see how it turns out.
I'll put pictures up later.

Hope you have a great weekend. Check back next week for our
"Home Improvement Week"!

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