Friday, April 29, 2011



This was what I wanted to do for Home Improvement Week,
but am glad I got my bathroom cupboard done.
This week, I've gone back to sewing to help improve my kitchen.
I've crocheted a lot of towel toppers, and found really cute ones to sew.

Sorry this first picture is a little dark, but it is a towel topper for May.
There are some darling ones for each month and season of the year.
If I had left an inch on the bottom, I could have used snap tape to snap the towel on,
but this one I will put some elastic on the back and then just slide a towel through it.

Next, I decided to make a magnet, tower holder,
clock trio for my kitchen. For the frig magnet,
you can use any of these kinds of magnets. Just
hot glue it on the back, or use some of the magnets
that are sticky on one side.

This magnet says: 'Bless This Home'.

This tower holder is darling. It's a little more
detailed than the magnet, but the same theme.
I got some snap tape to sew across the bottom,
right under the picture. Then you cut a dishtowel
in half, hem the raw edge, gather it and attach
the other side of the snap tape to it. Then you
just snap the towel on and sew a button on the
back and your towel is ready. This way you can
have several towels and just unsnap one to be
washed, and snap on another.

Next I took an old clock that I had on the wall
and decided to change it to match the magnet
and the towel holder. If you don't have a spare
clock, you can get one either at D.I. or Walmart
for not very much money.

I embroidered the clock face on some muslin
backed with a thick cut-away stabilizer.
It turned out really cute.

Next, I took off the cover of the clock and
centered it over the clock face.

Draw a line around the cover so the design
is the same size as the original clock.
Carefully trim around the circle.
If there are any puckered spots, just
cut the stabilizer in the back and it
lays right down.

This is the clock face all cut out. I then
sprayed fabric glue around the outside of
the clock face between the stabilizer and
muslin and pressed it down so it all lays flat.
Now, cut the hole in the middle to put the
hands through to the front.

I glued the fabric to the back side of the original picture.
It took a little work, but I got everything put back in place.
Here's my new matching clock
If I ever want to change it back to the cow picture,
I would just need to turn the picture back around.

Hope you enjoyed this.
You could come up with a lot of creative things to do with the clock.
I'd like to know what other ideas you've come up with.

We are in Reno, Nevada doing Cinco de Mayo, and Elk Grove, CA doing the Western Festival with our 'Texas Twister Drinks'!
If any of our readers are in the area and mention the blog I'll give you a great deal on our delicious drink!!
I'm loving all these other blogs! Great Job!!
Bye for now! Mother Hen - Barbara

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