Monday, May 30, 2011

Family History

On this Wonderful Memorial Day I want to share with you how I remember the amazing people who have left such a wonderful heritage for me. I can't believe that most of these people have passed, but I am so thankful for them and all they have done.

My home is decorated in an antique/contemporary way.
I love antiques and the way they hide all the wear and tear that my kids put on my stuff.
So I made this collage by the entry way of my house.
It has photos of me and my husband's parents and grandparents.

This one has photos of our grandparents on or around the time they got married.
I got this frame from JcPenny but it didn't really fit in being so white,
so I added some brown paint to give it an older feel.
My Grandpa served in the Navy in WWII. Didn't he look handsome?

This one I made myself, the frames I glued to the ribbon and made the cute bow.
I actually used epoxy that we had on hand because the frames were so heavy
I needed something that was going to hold Really well.
My husband helped me by bending a nail into a hook to hang it from.
These photos are of Mother Hen as a baby (in the middle) and her Mom and Dad.

This one I got from a friend and added the pictures of my Father-in-law(on the left) and his dad(on the right) as little boys. I added the Family in black vinyl tying it all together.
I love how it all turned out. I once had some hand dipped candles hanging from the hooks,
but my boys destroyed those soon after.

All the pictures are just scanned into my computer and printed off.
The black and white is easy to copy and hides the wear on the pictures.
I love the old feel.

I hope we can all pay our respect to those who have come before us
and those who have served our country. Thank You!!!


Soozee Carmichael said...

I love how you arranged your pictures, and the frames look amazing! So cute! I am so jealous!!

Becky said...

Jess, those are so cute! I love the "old door" and the ribbon that goes next to it. What a great idea. Thanks for linking up!!


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