Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week,
so I figured I would share what I did for our six teachers.
(1 5th grade teacher, 1 3rd grade teacher, student teacher, speech teacher, 2 kindergarten teachers.)

Monday- My Teacher is AW-some!
I found the idea over at Eighteen25.
I loved it because I had all the ingredients already.

Tuesday- You are one smart COOKIE!
I found this at Nothing but Country
This was also nice because I just had to make the cookies.

(Wish I hadn't over cooked the no bake cookies, I ended up making a
different cookie because they were too dry.)

Wednesday- You are o"fish"ally the best!
Found this at Eighteen25 as well! They have such great ideas!

This was my favorite.
Mostly because of the little Swedish FishI stuck out of the top.
Isn't it cute!

Thursday- Thank you for a "Bliss-ful" School Year!
I found this over at Crissy's Crafts.
So cute, huh?!

- Cupcakes in a Jar
This deliciousness is over at Skip to my Lou.
I am still in the process of making mine for tomorrow,
so I don't have a picture.
I will post one tomorrow though.
Go to skip to my Lou and see for yourself though. Delicious!

So there you have it. Hopefully you could use a few of these ideas.
There are so many different ideas in blog land that I
had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do.
I know my childrens teachers and others in our
school loved the little surprises.
And I know our teachers could use all the
support and love we can give them
for doing such a great job with our kiddos.
These would also be good for church teachers, coaches,
piano teachers and anyone else who you
feel needs a little thank you.

Hope everyone enjoys their Mother's Day weekend!

Jacki :)


Savannah said...

So darn cute Jacki!
I have nominated you guys for a blogging award, go over and check it out!

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