Thursday, May 19, 2011

These Hands Will Hold My Heart Forever!

Every year I try and make something for my Daycare parents on
Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Sometime it's a paper plate with their hands, other times it's candy with a cute saying.
I have done daycare for about ten years, so my ideas are running dry.
I saw this post over at Clean and Sensible and
thought it was something I haven't tried yet.
I'm posting it now for multiple reasons.
First, so we have an archive for next year.
Second, who wouldn't love to get this for a birthday,
anniversary or other important day.

I went to Wal-mart and they had two canvases for, I think, seven dollars.
I painted the canvas white and than
painted a red border.
I put the boys hand prints on first, which was

hard with an almost 12 month old. I think it turned out okay though.
After that dried, I Mod Podged the letters and hearts on. I also went over
the whole canvas with Mod Podge, so it would have a glossy look.
I attached
a red ribbon on the back to hang.

This didn't take me very long, just the time for drying.
I love that it has the two boys hands on it, the size difference is so cute.
Wouldn't this be fun to give to a Grandma?

Have a great weekend and I will talk to you next Thursday!

Jacki :)


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