Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flower Hair Clips

A few of my friends have had baby girls lately, and I've been loving that I have an excuse to make cute little hair things again! I bought a few outfits for each of the babies, and am making a hair clip to match each. I am in love with this first hair clip I made, and will definitely be making a few for my little girls.

Here's what you'll need:

I forgot to picture my trusty glue gun!!

I've had the flower ribbon forever, but I'm pretty sure I got it at Joanns.
The mini pearls and hair clip I found in the jewelry section at Joanns.
So I started out by cutting two pieces of felt to cover the clip with.
You could just as easily use an alligator clip, but I like the look of the felt.
Cut the flower ribbon into individual flowers, and begin gluing them to one of the pieces of felt.
I just did a layer around the outside so you wouldn't be able to see the white felt as much.

Next, I took one of the flowers, put a dab of glue on the center, and put a mini pearl on it.
I kind of folded the petals up over the pearl so when it dried it would appear 3D-ish. :)
I had to make 13 of these to cover the top.

Once you're done covering the top, you need to attach the clip to the other piece of felt.
I put the clip on top of the felt and put dots where I needed to cut.

Cut a line between the dots, and put the clip through

I glued the clip to the felt, and then glued the two pieces of felt together.

And that's it!! I love that you can either put it in their hair or clip it on a headband. So cute!

Look at these other adorable clips I made! So much fun!

Thanks for reading!!


Jessica said...

So cute, I would never have thought of that awesome flower lace. That made it so easy. Awesome!

Rachel said...

Very cute! :)

Lindsey Stipes said...

so cute-following now from tip me tuesday!!

Marina said...

Love that adorable hair clip! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment! Justsewsassy.com

Unknown said...

so cute, I have to try to make it !

Unknown said...

This is cute. I have a special little girl that this would look oh so cute on!! I actually have the same flower ribbon in yellow. (I have had it for years) Great job!
Thanks so much for linking up to Strictly Homemade Tuesday. I hope you will be back this week to inspire us all!!

Elaine Livingston said...

This is the cutest! Looks great on the Headband. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

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