Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{freezer paper stencil birthday shirt}

i never knew how easy and simple freezer paper stenciling was
Dana from MADE has a GREAT TUTORIAL for it (you really should check it out)

i made this fun shirt for my son who recently turned 6

i saw a shirt like this on some other wonderful craft blog but since
i follow so many of them i can't remember where exactly i saw it

what i did was.......

typed up the logo in a WORD document
printed it out
traced it onto the freezer paper (shiny side down)
used an exact-o knife and cut out the pieces i wanted to be painted
ironed the freezer paper to the shirt
applied fabric paint
let it dry for a few hours
peeled the paper off
ironed the shirt to set the paint

such a fun and easy project
and now my 3 year old is expecting one for her 4th birthday

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