Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recycle Your Kids Pants

Does any one else have a pile like this?
Pairs and pairs of good pants ruined in the knees with holes?
Drive me crazy!
I was getting so tired of looking at holes in the knee that I started making a pile. Which grew into a basket full. I was determined that I was going to make them into shorts.

Never a better day like today, Right?!

So I pulled them out, 11 pairs of pants. No wonder my 9 year old has no pants/shorts!

I will admit that I'm not a great seamstress like my SIL, Heather.
I can sew very simple items, possibly a dress. It takes so much energy though to get out my sewing machine and all my supplies, that I would rather just craft. (Those supplies are already out!)
I also have a very old sewing machine, that is very finicky.
I'm determined though!

*So first, I g0t out a pair of shorts that fit my child.
*I measured how long I need the shorts and than add a little bit more so
I can roll the seam under.
*I then cut the pants the length I want.
Tip: If you have a rotary cutter and a yard stick use those. I used scissors on the first
and the cutter on the second. The cutter makes a straighter and nicer cut.

*I folded the seam under twice so the frayed end is on the inside.
Tip: My sewing machine did not like the original seam on the jeans. I ended up sewing right up to the edge. Than I hand stitched the seam so it would stay in place.
Tip: When hand stitching. Use the jean to push your needle through. Saves your finger!

And this is the ending result.

Not bad huh?! I think if I do this again I will try and find thread that matches the jean's thread. Like my Grandma use to say, "A man on a galloping horse won't notice."
That's good enough for me and saves me a little bit of money.

In what ways do you save money? Let us know!

Jacki :)



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